Dimmalimm Products and Memo Blocks

We stock a range of wide Dimmalimm products and Memo Blocks in various styles. View our categories of products from the menu.Our Memo Blocks are made from environmentally friendly paper. Each counts around 880 sheets and measure 10x10x10cm


Dimmalimm is about a little Princess who, with her kindness, saves a Prince from the spell of a bad witch. The story was written by an artist, Guðmundur Thorsteinsson, Muggur, in 1921. He wrote it for his little niece, Helga Egilson. Sadly, Muggur died of tuberculosis in 1924, only 33 years old. In his short time, he became a very loved and talented artist and Iceland's first movie star. 

When Helga grew up, she had the book printed in Denmark and published it in Iceland in 1942. It became an instant hit and the most loved fairy tale in Iceland. Helga also wrote a script for a children's play, which was performed at the National Theatre in Reykjavik. The book was translated into many languages and is still available in Iceland.

In 2009, a niece of Helga, also Helga Egilson, wanted to bring Dimmalimm to a new generation and produce products with the beautiful illustrations of Muggur. Helga had worked as an artist in the animation industry in London for many years for international studios: Walt Disney, Warner Brothers,  Steven Spielberg, Don Bluth, and more. 

Helga chose to do dinner sets and reworked the images to fit the production. 

The products are porcelain, the cutlery is made of steel with melamine handles. 



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